My must-have body products.

#BlogChallenge : share some of your favorite body products

For today’s post, I am going to share some of my favorite body products. I do not own any makeup so my apologies on that but these are a must-have for me.


Love the Diva soap made by Pwani Oil
Farmasi’s body splash 💦
Dark and Lovely body lotion- the pure lemon is so smooth and it gives me that fresh feel, plus it makes my skin glow.
Coconut oil for the face (I do not apply makeup because my face is sensitive and oily, but with coconut oil, just a splash and am good to go).
And Usha’s 💋 lipgloss (Ahem! It’s only a hundred shillings but I can’t seem to have enough of this gloss, dry lips are a girl’s worst enemy)

So, that’s it for my favorite body products. I’d love to know your must haves.