Updates on the writing life

Hello Friday! I have been looking forward to this day for two reasons:

  1. I finally get to share the second issue of Nilichoandika magazine.
  2. I can sit back and work on the draft I’ve written this week.

Writing has been a thrill, but what’s been better has been listening to new music albums and reading books. I haven’t stopped listening to three albums:

I have indulged some awesome books this week and from a funeral director, to an Assistant District Attorney, a well renowned Pastor, let’s just say that my week’s bee interesting.

Here’s to a lovely weekend and as I raved on about earlier, grab your free copy of the second issue of the magazine. Nilichoandika


A magazine…a maga-what?

That’s exactly how my friend reacted when I told her that I’d created a magazine.

Well, I am all for trying new things and using different mediums to share stories and insights and when I was scrolling through Canva, I thought why not use their templates and create a six-page magazine.

Grace saw it, read it and she loved it! It’s her job to love everything I do as a friend 🙂 and so, now, hello world…here’s a copy of the Nilichoandika Magazine!

Nilichoandika (2)