Hey, can I ask you something?

It’s 10:36A.M. as I start writing this. If you are in Kenya, chances are you are seated at home alone, or maybe with friends, or family simply watching a movie because the news on TV is either depressing or never-changing. You are not on Facebook because since August 8th, you’ve come to tap the unfollow and block icons on your smartphone so much so that you don’t even know what your threshold for isht is.

It is refreshing that Kenyans love to be the bearer of news. First, most of our politicians took up the roles criminals and comedians. We thrive on just how foolish they can get, and especially when they deny uttering statements in public even as they are watching a clip of it. Now, we all have smartphones and bundles! Lawd, what would we be without bundles and powerbanks! Wi-Fi ni ya watu wa Nairobi…some other cities are yet to have that stuff in their homes, oh mercy! I know not the future of journalism, but hey…if in one minute you can get ten million different updates on the same story, well… I digress.

So, this morning I was woken up by two texts. See, here’s the thing world, I am a morning person. Yes, I wake up at 2am and write till 4am then pray to the gods of slumber to allow me to enter their world until 6:30am where I exit their world for that of another dawn. So, receiving a text at half past four in the morning is like being summoned to the world of daybreak, and that my friends, is like trying to get a cat to have a bath!

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I reach for my phone and then I see “would you please tell me if I am doing the right thing?” Of course, I’d read the second text first. So, I sat up and went to my messages and the first text was “hey, can I ask you something? How do u knw uv lk made the right dsn? I mean, how do u knw that sm1 the 1 4 u?”

I thought, “not with that kind of communication!” and sent her a text message “call me and tell me what’s up.” She called and somewhere between conversation I dozed off. I know I did because as I was going through my phone at seven in the morning, there were three missed calls from her and eight text messages. I could try and tell you what they were about, but given that she’s not the kind to use words while texting, we’d both be at a loss. My fingers for doing the typing and you for struggling to read what you’d consider a drunkard’s slur.

I’ve always known a couple of phrases to be conversation starters for people at a crossroads. When someone says “can I ask you something?”, “can we talk?”, “are you busy?”, “can you do me a favour?”, “listen…”, “I have this friend,” then know that it’s not going to be a declaration but rather a call for your full attention, because there’s a dilemma that needs a solution.

I happened to fall asleep in the middle of the discussion of one. It’s pretty obvious that I had to call and make amends, but it also reminded me of something I have been taking for granted for the past one month. My instinct.

I’ve been struggling with writing Ushanga and all the while there’s been the feeling of giving my characters room to grow and breathe life into the story. In a way, I am working on that, but I love control and no, I am not Mr. Grey who exercises control in all things…I am learning to let go and sometimes working with an outline can really stifle your writing.

Have a good day people!



Listening to: 4:44 by Jay Z

Drinking: Black coffee (my first cup of the day)


You know you are old

I am having one of those days.

They come once a year and suddenly you are showered with love and lots of wishes, I hear people refer to them as birthdays. Well, happy freaking birthday to me!

So, what’s got me into this mood?

  1. I’m stuck writing the final chapter of Earth! It’s the fifth revision and I am stuck!
  2. I’m eager to get back on the road.
  3. For some reason, I just don’t want to believe that people are too busy and cannot write “Happy Birthday,” but simply opt for “HBD”, I mean, it’s the thought that counts right?

Do not judge a book by its cover, let me tell you what I really like about today:

  1. It’s my birthday!
  2. I have made it thus far and I’m in good health, plus the exercises I have been doing are paying off, especially that wall-sit!
  3. Mom’s got dinner planned (just like when we were kids 🙂 and I can finally have chapati made by her!
  4. Three great friends have bought me books and you know me and books, I’d pick them over any conversation or party!
  5. It is International Women’s Day meaning that this day is special not only because I was born, but the fact that I was born female and am heading into my womanhood just serves as a reminder of how great life is!
  6. It is one of my favorite Writer’s birthday too: Mr. Valerio Massimo Manfredi. Love love love him! Have you watched the film, The last legion? It was released in 2007, but forget that film- he wrote that book, The Alexander Trilogy, Tower, and a lot more historic books.
  7. I get to switch off my phone and read “Vienna Blood” by Frank Tallis as I sip my third cup of tea!
  8. My throat infection cleared up, well mostly, and I can meet Grumpy for coffee, it’s been a while.
  9. Roses and Lies- that novella I hinted about (on the right side bar) is coming along great. Release date: Friday 11 March 2016.
  10. All’s well  that ends well.

Like my friend Grace says, you know you are old when the stuff you are grateful for outweighs the stuff that bugs you. Well, I am 99% grateful, but oh, that 1% is doing a number on me– especially the whole “HBD” thing, really, people, really?

HBD could mean a lot of things:

  • Hot black dude
  • Hot black dress
  • Heavy blue dryer
  • Happy big date
  • He’s bored dude!
  • Harry Bill Dick
  • Henry Bob Dylan
  • He bought drugs

Seriously, “HBD?” get it off my facebook wall…people, give this Writer a break!