Write a little everyday

Have you ever struggled with getting something done?

I could receive a crown for procrastinating especially when it comes to the latest book I’ve been writing and I got so frustrated today that I had to check in with a close friend. She’s writing her first book and we have this way of texting each other best wishes. So, when I shared my struggle she said “Just write a little every day.”

Well, I tried to do just that but it’s not helping!

So, what do you do when you seek advice but are not content or willing to try out the advice given?

I’ll admit that to some extent, my frustration lies in my expectation of a perfect script. A story that’s so seamless and entertaining that’ll leave the reader swooning and talking about it for years to come. It therefore follows that everything I do now with this kind of expectation is bound to fall short and that adds onto my frustration.

As I ponder of this dark cloud that I’ve refused to let go of, I figured why not look back at my April goals and share what I have been up to the past few days?

  • I made it to Nairobi and was there just in time for the celebration of #YALIat2000 held at Kenyatta University.

While in the capital city, I also treated myself to three of my favorite things: bookmarks, books and earrings.

5 bookmarks for $1 at Hilton Arcade-Nairobi 
Bookhaul 🙂 courtesy of Inama Bookshop near Fire Station on Tom Mboya Street.
I love glass earrings so, I had to get these!
  • These two lovely notebooks are gifts from my insightful sister who knows that stationery is my kryptonite! She got them at a new store called Miniso 🙂


I have to work on my impatience with this script and the only way I know how to do this is by venting my anger on paper- or by starting another script, but doing the latter would cost me time and probably make me lose focus on this current script.

I’ll mull over it for an hour or so, but all in all, I can’t wait to cozy up to this book:



Four Books that I loved reading this month

It’s the end of March and I cannot wait to experience another month with at least thirty days. April’s so cool it begins with a holiday! I have come to appreciate different styles of writing from different authors thanks to NetGalley. I have also had more time to edit and keep working on Sifuna before thinking about publishing it.

So, let’s get into my reading list and here are four books that I loved reading this month.

Work Stronger by Pete Leibman. This is a must-read and as I was going through it, I was tempted to recommend it to an employer who believes in longer working hours because well, that’s one sure way of killing productivity.

Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by Kerrelyn Sparks. I enjoyed this book because I’m a sucker for dragon shifters and romance novels.

Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon: A Novel of the Embraced by [Sparks, Kerrelyn]

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Oi…I loved reading this book because it’s all Trevor. The tone is very witty and conversational like Trevor and indeed, his mom’s the heroine of this story…but even more so, you can’t help but be inspired by his resilience. PS: If you’d love to read it, it’s on offer today on Amazon. The Kindle version goes for $1.17 that’s $26.83 off! Buy the book, enough with the PDF requests y’all, buy the book, respect the work!

Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by [Noah, Trevor]


Private Lies by Cynthia St. Aubin. When Avery’s mom goes missing on her graduation day, she definitely knows something’s off. Her mom’s a Private Investigator and Avery finds herself asking questions that lead her to places she never thought she’d be. I loved this because Avery is the Queen of clap-backs here.

I’ve got a couple more titles to read in April and I’d admit that I am looking forward to being on the road more and to definitely buying quite a number of books for my home library.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday break wherever you are.

Updates on the writing life

Hello Friday! I have been looking forward to this day for two reasons:

  1. I finally get to share the second issue of Nilichoandika magazine.
  2. I can sit back and work on the draft I’ve written this week.

Writing has been a thrill, but what’s been better has been listening to new music albums and reading books. I haven’t stopped listening to three albums:

I have indulged some awesome books this week and from a funeral director, to an Assistant District Attorney, a well renowned Pastor, let’s just say that my week’s bee interesting.

Here’s to a lovely weekend and as I raved on about earlier, grab your free copy of the second issue of the magazine. Nilichoandika

Who would you invite to dinner?

Have you ever been asked such a question?

We started a course on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey today and this was a question that I had to answer.

Imagine you could invite to dinner four or five people who have influenced you the most-past and present- and all are sitting at the table with you. Whom would you invite and what attributes or qualities do you admire in them.

From the top of my head I immediately envisioned having the following people.

  • My Mom: She raised two daughters on her own, raised four more daughters, a son and she doesn’t believe in running out options. There’s always a way and there’s nothing like not enough love to go around.
  • Chinua Achebe: He’s the first Writer from West Africa whose writing challenged me to write authentic characters because his characters did not shy away from speaking Pidgin. I do wish I met him in this life. I’d definitely have him sit on my dinner table and treat him to some ugali, osuga and fish!
  • Mrs. Benta Owino: She was the teacher who taught me how to read. I was in class three. Every morning, she would hand me a newspaper and tell me to read her an article and I looked forward to sitting beside daily and doing this. She passed away when I was in class Seven. I admire her resolve that “a good vocabulary will stop you from shouting in the village market.”
  • Michelle Obama: She doesn’t shy away from talking about the things that weigh women and young girls down and she’s for girls getting an education and pushing limits, exceeding limits and inspiring others.


  • Prof.Wangari Maathai : I admire her strength, conviction in the importance of taking care of our environment and her unwavering determination in doing something about it. She passed away but I am glad I met her once when I was still on campus and she did not mince her words when it came to protecting our forests and vegetation. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge on the marine life too.


If you were asked the same question, whom would you invite to dinner and what qualities do they possess that’d you would love to explore?



2018 Writing Update

It’s the thirteenth day of this year and I am in awe of all that’s happened to me these past days. I am also taking a keen look at how our interactions on social media would be and watching out for the words and hashtags that would spring up.

I haven’t done any intensive writing so far and I know it is not a great trend for me given the fact that two of my manuscripts are being reviewed by my mentor.

I have been focusing on my leadership transformation at YALI and today I got a chance to make a trip into town to get some books to read and a few bookmarks too.

I got these from an Inama Bookshop and can’t wait to read them!
I only remained with 1 of the 7 bookmarks 😦
A friend bought me this collection 🙂

I have always been a planner and with my attention focused on one thing this month, I am slowly learning how to work around a schedule, often taking notes using an app, scribbling a few pointers while in sessions or simply tweeting thoughts that would come to inspire my writing at some point.

It feels good to share this update and I cannot wait to hear the feedback from my mentor because that would help me in knowing which steps to take and how to go about them before publishing another ebook.

How’s your writing coming along? What about your reading? Which books are you looking forward to reading this year?


Reader Problems…We all have them

I came across this tag from Jade’s blog  Book Muffin and I had to give it a shot. The original creator of the tag posted this on YouTube.

How do you decide what book to read next?

It depends on what’s on my TBR list, but honestly:

Image result for complain about a book gif

If you’re not enjoying a book, do you DNF it, or do continue to the very end?

I continue to the very end. I have written a few books and I know the process of writing, so, if I am not enjoying the book sometimes I set it aside and return to it when I can, but I always finish books because someone went through a lot to get it done. I’ll admit that some BDSM novels always seem too much for me to handle and with such, I steer clear.

You’re behind on your Goodreads Reading Challenge, and the end of the year is near! Do you accept your fate or try your best to catch up?

I’ve never fallen behind on my Goodreads Challenge. I’ve however gone beyond the limit by 20 or 30 books. 🙂 No kidding- see for yourself here

2017 Reading Challenge2016 Reading Challenge2015 Reading Challenge2014 Reading Challenge2013 Reading Challenge2012 Reading Challenge

The covers of a series on your bookshelf don’t match, what do you do?

It’s okay, this does not bother me.

It’s their sizes that get to me and sometimes I want to slap the book publishers to get them to stick to one book size so they can align perfectly on a bookshelf!

Who do you turn to when you need to complain about a bad book that everyone else seems to like?

Peaches. He’s not an avid reader but when I rant, he seems know where I’m coming from always finishing by saying “so that means that I should not talk about that book or suggest it to anyone as a gift, okay.”

Image result for complain about a book gif

You’re in public and you’re about to start crying over a book, what do you do?

I cry.

Image result for don't take my book gif

I have cried in matatus and buses and with public transport I’m always seated at the back by the window looking out and crying my heart out.

The next book in a series has just been released, but you can’t remember a thing about the last book! Do you re-read the first book, look up the synopsis or just pretend you remember and read the sequel?

I re-read the first book, of course!

No one is allowed to borrow your books! How do you let them down gently?

No one is allowed to borrow my books or torture them with soup stains, coffee stains, tear stains and unacceptable bookmarks!

Image result for don't take my book gif

How do you get over a reading slump?

I read a romance novel!

Here’s the thing about the romance genre: you’ll always find a free book to read on Kindle! Wherever you are, if you have an eReader and internet connection, you can download a romance novel, read it in one sitting and you’re out of that slump!

All of your highly anticipated books are being released at the same time! Do you buy them all, or prioritize some over others?

I’ve read so many ebooks this year. If you’d have asked me this last year, I’d have said ‘buy them all.’ However this year, I downloaded samples on Kindle and chose the books I’d read based on the first sample chapter I’d read.

Once you’ve bought those highly anticipated books, do you pick them up straight away, or surrender them to your shelves for a year?

I pick them up straight away.

So, there you have it! I’d love to know your answers to the Reader problems, so share widely.


The Cake Book Tag

I’m loving these book tags! It’s been a crazy two months writing Ushanga and after posting the final chapter, I thought why not indulge in something light and delicious like a Cake Book Tag to get my mind off things? So, here we go:

Chocolate cake (A dark book you absolutely love)

A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin because Yeine is just a normal girl. She knows she is a mortal and then she’s taken from the North and finds herself in the land of the gods with cousins whom she has to battle in order to inherit a throne she never knew she had a right to.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritance Trilogy Book 1) by [Jemisin, N.K.]

Red Velvet (A book that gave you mixed emotions)

Atlas Shrugged by [Rand, Ayn]

Cheese Cake (A book you’d recommend to anyone)

Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe because it’s one of my favorite reads!

Arrow of God (The African Trilogy #3)

Coffee Cake (A book you started but never finished)

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. I need an intervention people, I started reading this book in early 2016 and I am nowhere near the halfway mark!

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by [Tressell, Robert]

Carrot Cake (A book with great writing)

Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie. My sister got me this book for my birthday and it was such a delightful read that I couldn’t tear myself away from it.

Americanah by [Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi]

Tiramisu (A book that left you wanting more)

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, do I have to explain why?

The Shadow Of The Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Series Book 1) by [Zafon, Carlos Ruiz]

There you have it! Feel free to take up the challenge and share your views on the books you’ve read.

Have a lovely week!


On NanoWrimo: 6,870 words so far.

Reading: A couple of books I’d gotten off NetGalley

Listening to: Raised Under Grey Skies by JP Cooper

Fitness Challenge: I still can’t do a 60 second plank without collapsing on the floor.