You look great. I love your hair.



I love your shoes.



Wish you’d have a worn black, it’d tone down the colors.

Have you ever thought of having a nice weave?

Is it not a chore combing your hair everyday?

Wait, and have you tried some facial cream?

I know this great soap that helps with rashes.

I also don’t take lots of dairy, it messes up with your face you know!

How can you eat fries every day and not have a pot?

What? Ati you weigh 53kgs? Do you workout?

How come you don’t have a guy?

Don’t you get lonely, like what do you do for fun?

Wait, how come you like motorbikes and X-Men? Guys are into such stuff, I never thought a chick could dig that stuff!

Do you write using a ruler or something? How come your handwriting is so neat?


Walk away…slow steady steps away from the dark to the unknown…slow, steady steps.

Give an eraser time to delete the pencil work before they catch up to the ink.