We smile

We laugh

We stare at each other across the room

You stick out your tongue

I widen my eyes…still,

This is how we talk.

guy man fashion clothing backpack african american bokeh building plants trees street male sunlight clouds

There’s that dress you want me to wear,

The red smoking hot one…the guys have got to see that I’ve got the best,

Are you coming over? I’m in the mood for some beef stew,

You can make me some epic beef stew right?

I reply “No, no and no, thank you,”

You call, you text, you send a friend to check up on me.

He tells you I am alright.

You call…ask, “what’s wrong babe?”

This is how we talk.

Snippets mess us up. Snippets reveal our expectations.

Snippets, snippets, snippets.

This is how we talk.