Out and about in Bungoma

What’s not to love about Bungoma with:

  • Boda boda rides (you can go for the motorbikes or the pedaled ones)
  • The way the people talk with gestures, it’s like the words are forced out of their system, something my friend calls “They emphasize,” and can be great action movie commentators.
  • The hotels never run out of tea and mandazi. I have had so much tea here, I think my body will demand more of it when I leave.
  • It has six sub-counties: I’ve been to Sirisia, Khanduyi, Kabuchai, Webuye West and I am still looking forward to going as far as Mt. Elgon. I think I have two sub-counties to visit: Tongaren and Webuye East!
  • There’s Webuye, a small town after my own heart- wouldn’t you love seeing this!
  • The infant mortality and morbidity rates in Bungoma have been a concern for the Ministry of Health, and with this the county has had help from the First Lady’s “Beyond Zero” Campaign, where I came across this mobile clinic which is essentially a theatre on wheels!


It’s been a great place to be in and I learned that Chwele is the second largest open-air market in Kenya, the onions, pineapples and potatoes sold here could make my Mother believe in Heaven!

Who can leave Bungoma without taking at least a picture of the big stones you see? Here’s one!



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